Monday, October 24, 2011

Non-wedding Weekend!

This weekend, the Groom and I had a chance to get out and enjoy some gorgeous fall weather! We also got our first batch of apple cider and donuts of the season, and they were DELICIOUS!! (I think our food was the only thing I didn't take a picture of...and they didn't last long once we got home!)

We went to Honey Pot Hill Orchards, and they had animals! Here's a bunny:

The bunny obviously didn't think too highly of us, with his back to us!! There were also some pigs, who had houses made of straw, sticks and bricks! 
And you can even see the wolf off to the left:

Here is a pic of the MEANEST looking goose ever! 

Of course we did the hedge maze! And after joking about how easy it would be...yeah, 
we totally hit dead ends!

Let us out!!

After having our fun at Honey Pot, we stopped off at Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge, and did a little bit of hiking.  I couldn't get over how many flowers were still in bloom!

This was a view off of the Puffer Pond Trail (with a lone orange tree!):

The view along part of the wooded trail:

A small little mushroom with a perfectly placed pine cone - I couldn't have staged this photo this well if I'd tried! Thanks Mother Nature!

The skies looked like this, but we got some intermittent sunshine!

Along with some intermittent goofing off!

It was a lovely day!! What were you up to this weekend?


  1. so sweet!! I love the little bunny and that hedge maze looks fun! Last weekend we shopped and hung out with friends..nothing too special though!