Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Check-In!

Welcome to October!! I figured it was time to check in on Scary Spreadsheet and see what we've accomplished, and what's on tap for this month.  We've finished strong in September, and accomplished a lot of stuff!! The girls ordered their bridesmaid dresses (thank you, ladies!), in plum:

We squared away our music for our ceremony (including the payment of a deposit), and confirmed our officiant for our ceremony.  

I also researched salons for hair and make-up, and we started seriously thinking about our honeymoon!

Yep.  I still think BEACH when I think honeymoon! 
Hello, Hawaii.  I miss you.

This month, our goals include finalizing our honeymoon plans (planning an itinerary, booking airfare and possibly resorts/hotels), ordering our invites (again, once we've picked out our invites), and starting to think about rehearsal dinner options.  It looks like our slow period/in-between is going to continue until November/December, when we get serious about wedding bands, figure out our guestbook, and have the Groom pick out what he and his guys will wear! This is likely a good time to re-commit to my fitness goals and get cracking!!


  1. Wow you got so much done!! :-)

  2. We have similar tasks we are working on, we just booked our honeymoon flights to Hawaii last week!!!! I am sooo excited. You are moving right along!!!