Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh, those Kardashians!

UPDATE: I think THIS website put it best on what this wedding was missing!!

You may remember that I live-blogged Will and Kate's wedding back in April - it was so exciting! The pomp, the ceremony of it all, the fanfare, the people lining the streets to see a glimpse of Kate and Wills - not to mention that her wedding dress and style was instantly in demand.  There really is nothing like a royal wedding!  But don't try telling that to those crazy Kardashians!!

Yes, I'll readily admit to watching their show on E!, though I tend not to watch the spin-off shows for the sisters (really, there's only so much Kardashian I can take!).  It's one of those guilty pleasures and I feel better about myself watching that over Bridezillas! So of course I had to tune in for the FOUR HOUR wedding extravaganza (I lost my bet on whether Kim & Kris would still be married by the time the special aired - maybe they're under contractual obligation?).

Here's what I found touching and sweet (if it was in any way real, and not scripted):

  • Um, yup.  It's reality TV, what can I say? It all seems scripted!!

And here's what I found absolutely, utterly ridiculous:
  • The fact that E! stretched all of this out into four hours of television.  And didn't even start showing us the ACTUAL wedding until the last 30 minutes.
  • Kris Humphries in general.  Though with the NBA lockout, he's gotta find a way to make money somewhere, huh? My favorite quote (three days before the wedding): "The stress of the wedding is starting to affect the rest of my life."  Welcome to getting married, dude!!
  • The other Kris (the mom) and her pre-wedding plastic surgery.  At least she didn't go to the same surgeon who gave Bruce his unfortunate face lift!
Love them or hate them, you've got to admit the Kardashians have become exceptionally talented at stretching their 15 minutes of fame into a multimillion dollar empire!


  1. Ugh. I didn't even know it aired. I've seen enough photos and it just didn't wow me. She had three dress and not one was like oh wow! So classy and timeless! She wore her second dress for like 10 minutes right?

  2. I still have this on my DVR to watch this weekend...I know i'm going to love and hate it at the same time.

  3. I totally missed this!! ahhh!!