Sunday, October 16, 2011

Remembering Loved Ones

I always find it very sweet when wedding programs have a section dedicated to honoring loved ones, such as grandparents or parents, who have passed away. I'm always touched when I read wedding blogs and a bride writes about losing a loved one during the planning process, and they are then facing the reality that someone they had thought would see them walk down the aisle, won’t be there.  

Some of the lovelier things I've seen to memorialize loved ones at weddings include:
  • Wedding photo charms
  • Something large or small that reminds you of the person (a borrowed veil, a brooch on a bouquet, lace from grandmother’s veil, etc.)
  • A mention in the program
  • Photos on a guest book or place card table of loved ones

I would already like to include some family photos of grandparents on their wedding day on our guestbook table (or some other table) at the reception, but that was mainly because my parents already had these photos framed and hanging in their living room (original, I am not!).  
I’m wondering, though, if we should also include a mention in the programs? Considering both my grandparents and the groom’s grandparents have been deceased for quite a long time, perhaps just a note about them near their wedding photos? It seems that a “in memorial” section in the program is appropriate for a more recent loss.  
What do you think? Are you honoring any loved ones at your wedding?

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