Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Breaking up with the Kardashians!

As one of my favorite bloggers (Trent from Pink is the New Blog) would say...

If you've been reading the gossip pages lately, you already know that Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kris Humphries.  I think this comes as a shock to no one (except Kris, from some what of the stories say).  I actually was surprised they were still together by the time the wedding special aired on E!, which was about six weeks after their wedding.  (Maybe they got a bonus payment from E! for lasting that long?) I'm most curious to see what will happen to her line of dresses at David's Bridal - I can't imagine there are any brides out there who would want a knock-off of her dress, since her "marriage" only lasted 72 days!
And any bets on how long until Kris Humphries publishes a tell-all book on the family?
Disclaimer: Watching the Kardashians on E! is totally my guilty pleasure...I think the whole family is ridiculous! After this post, I felt like I had to have a follow-up, considering it's less than a month later!


  1. I am actually shocked....I don't watch the show...but why would you get married for the 2nd time and not take it seriously you know?

  2. Some people recover fast from a break up or divorce. For me, getting over a break up takes time. I just have to be more patient and make this a moment to reflect about myself, but then avoid blaming myself as well.

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  3. Ugh I can't stand the Kardashians, and I don't dislike many people!