Monday, November 28, 2011

Can you ever talk too much about shoes?

Yes, I'm blogging about shoes again...bear with me, as I cannot seem to settle on a pair of wedding shoes! Add to the mix that Zappos decided to promote me to their VIP site (still haven't figured out all the perks yet, though I know that next-day shipping is free), and I've been on a shoe tangent lately! (Plus, I've been replacing some worn out work shoes, buying myself new winter's been rather shoe-centric at our house lately!)

So before I unveil the latest possible pair of wedding shoes, let's look and see what's out there, shall we?

Product Image
Not only do I love the soft blush pink - the BOWS!! Love them!!

Product Image
More offerings from Badgley Mischka

Product Image

Product Image
This pair of Ninas might be a bit much for the wedding day, but would rock for a bachelorette party!!

Something I've learned from perusing various websites for wedding shoes - check back often, as stock seems to change almost weekly, and there is almost a 100% turnover and styles and colors as the seasons change.  If you don't see what you want today, check back next week! while checking out Black Friday bargains, my sister and I ended up at my local DSW and of course, I had to check out the clearance section.  I've been keeping my eyes open for purple heels as yet another possible pair of wedding shoes...and I struck gold!

I wonder what's in the box!

Looks like...PURPLE HEELS!!!

I love the purple satin, and the RUFFLE!

I couldn't quite capture the color of the shoe as the satin was very reflective (and I think I missed my good photo window when the sun set this afternoon), but I love them! They are close in color to the bridesmaids' dresses - more plum than purple.  I don't know if they will work with my wedding dress, as they are a 3 inch heel and my dress is being hemmed to a 2 or 2 and a half inch heel - but we shall see!! I guarantee I will find another reason to wear them if they don't work with my dress!

Have you been buying shoes lately? Are you blaming the unseasonably warm weather for your shoe obsession like me?


  1. No shoes for me..but I need to have my wedding shoes picked out by my next dress fitting in January! I am dreading picking only one pair!

  2. All the shoes are gorgeous but I love those purple ones..SCORE for you!! Yea!