Friday, November 18, 2011

Do It Yourself - a WIN!

After failing so spectacularly with my tissue poms (but succeeding in the art of creating shower poufs!), I knew I needed to rebound with another crafty project.  I'm sure you've seen the many t-shirts and tank tops that say "bride" or "bridesmaid" - typically with rhinestones, and you often see wedding pics of the girls getting ready wearing these kinds of tops.  I looked at some of these shirts, thought them cute, but REALLY overpriced.  I mean, it's a t-shirt! It's puffy paint and rhinestones, right?
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So how hard could a t-shirt be? I decided this was one DIY I was going to tackle (and succeed at!) Per usual, I started out with a run over to the craft store.  I bought 4 t-shirts (in purple of course), some t-shirt paint, and of course, a pack of rhinestones! I forgot to buy fabric glue on my first stop, so I did have to make two stops at the store for all of my materials.  Total cost: about $20.
T-shirts not pictured!
I started out by putting a shirt on, to see where I should start my lettering on the shirt.  I wanted to be careful not to write in the bust area for fear of the shirt stretching out.  I then marked off each t-shirt with some tape, and decided to write some sample "bride" and "bridesmaid" on paper towel, to figure out what color paint I wanted to use (and to practice my writing!) I found that the glitter paint came out in a thicker line, and tended to blob up much faster than the metallic paint.  
The color wasn't capturing well on camera, unfortunately

That pretty much decided it for me, since I was going to freehand the lettering on the shirts.  I figured less blobbing of paint would be easier to work with.  And overall, I was right!  I was very satisfied with my writing on all of the shirts, except for my own! Perhaps I forgot that "bride" is only five letters, but I forgot to center it and ended up with an awkward amount of space afterwards.  Instead of overthinking it, I decided to make a sunburst/flower type design, and figured I'd surround it with rhinestones.

Once I had the paint on all of the shirts, I laid them flat to dry.  I started thinking about the most important part of this project- rhinestone placement!! It was time to bling these babies out - but not too much! I didn't want it to look like a six-year old with a fixation on shiny objects made these shirts! Overall, I think I succeeded.  And I have a ton of rhinestones left over, so perhaps I'll bling out a collar for the cat! Or bling out the groom when he's not paying attention to me!! The options are endless!

Though the necklines on these shirts are a little tight to go get ready in (I cringe thinking about pulling a shirt like this over my head after getting hair and makeup done!), I'm guessing we can wear them the night before the wedding, and perhaps a bit the day of!


  1. SO cute, awesome job! And yes I don't suggest you wear them while getting ready with hair and makeup done unless you want to cut it off..wear a shirt with buttons or a loose dress that is easy to take off..could you wear them on your bachellorette day/night/party??

  2. Yay congrats on a successful DIY

  3. Cute! and also you can all wear them dress shopping!