Sunday, November 6, 2011

Don't It Yourself

This weekend, I tried my hand at a DIY project...tissue pomanders!

Considering how lovely these look in pictures and the cost of flowers for the church, I figured if I could make some pomanders, that would dress up the space AND be cost-effective.  But I also figured if I couldn't master the pom, the ceremony space is lovely enough on its own without decoration.

I started out by making a run to my local craft store for supplies.  After my experience there lately, I've realized one of the reasons I will never be a serious crafter is because the checkout lines are always crazy! Doesn't matter if there is one person in line ahead of me, or six - it always takes FOREVER.  Anyway, my supplies:

Tissue paper, scissors, cloth-covered floral tape, and my trusty Martha Stewart directions.

I followed the directions, and ended up with a mess.  I'm not even sure how to really comment on this ugly thing:

On the table...

And hanging on a door to see if it looks any better.  NOPE!

I then started watching YouTube videos to see what I was doing wrong...and couldn't really figure it out.  Rather than not having much patience for fluffing out the layers of tissue paper (and folding 8 pieces of tissue paper, accordion-style, was way tougher than I'd think!! Tissue paper is difficult to work with!!)

I then decided to cut the tissue paper in half, to see if a smaller pom would work better.  At any rate, the gigantic mess o'pom I'd already made was way bigger than I would want to use any way.

And voila...the smaller pom!

While the smaller pom definitely looked better, it was now looking an awful lot like a shower pouf instead of a tissue flower ball!!


See what I'm talking about?

I figured I'd take one more shot, with the purple tissue paper - to see if maybe it looked better in color, versus just in white.

I also cut the ends as triangles, rather than rounding them, to see if I'd like it better.

Um...still not really working out!!

However, I did made a rockin' bow tie!

Yeah, so I think tissue poms are officially going down as a DIY FAIL.  Have you made tissue poms before? Any suggestions for a non-crafty type?


  1. HAHA Literally laughed out loud at the shower pouf comparison..then at the bow tie!! I do like the look of the poms and I am somewhat crafty but don't think I have the patience to attempt something like that. I give you credit and so sorry they didn't work out! :(

  2. I am sorry that they didn't work out. Party City has strings of them already pre-made in tons of colors and they are super cheap. Probably cheaper than making them. They aren't as big as some of the ones in your pictures but, they could work. Here is the link that I found. Hope this helps!

  3. hahahah even though they did not work out I loved your post and made me laugh....I have had a lot of DIY fails...sometimes it just happens!

  4. I actually didn't think the smaller pom looked too bad! although, I can see the shower pouf comparison :)
    good luck on your future DIY projects!