Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Dress Post!

Like many brides, or shall I say blogging brides - I've debated over doing a post about my wedding dress, or showing pictures of myself in wedding dresses.  The Groom is very superstitious about knowing details about my dress or my accessories for the wedding day - I told him I was going to be breaking in my shoes beforehand, though, so he was likely to see them at some point (or else question why I'd be wearing heels in my PJs!) 

I've been good so far at keeping my accessories to myself - for example, the supersweet headband I bought, he has yet to see.  Though I'm sure he'll freak out once he realizes the dress WILL have to come home with me once it's fitted and ready to go for the wedding day (maybe this is why we have separate offices in our house? So I can hide wedding stuff?) 

At any rate, it's still another month or two until my dress comes in, and then likely another month at least on top of that until I start fittings...but I decided to show some of the dresses I considered before I found the ONE.  That, and I can look at these pictures on my cell phone, and they crack me up at I'm really just sharing the humor with you all.

But, just in case the Groom ever DOES choose to start reading my blog (he knows I blog, he just doesn't read it!), this post will continue after the jump.

Without further adieu, let's start out with the dresses I tried on at Alfred Angelo!

I liked the beading and the ruching, along with the wrap along my mid-section that made everything look leaner...this dress didn't do "it" for me.  Next!

I quite liked this dress, except for the sporadic beading down the skirt.  If the skirt had been plain, or perhaps beading contained to the hem of the skirt, 
this might have been a serious contender.

The Cinderella dress from the Disney Princess collection.  Yuck!

A sentiment echoed by Kathy and Ashlee!

See? I care about my readers and will post awful pictures of myself, just for you all! I can't even start to tell you the number of things WRONG with this dress!!!

Now at the time, this was the dress to beat.  Which is funny, because looking at it now, I'm thinking some of those other dresses looked WAY better!!!

So that wrapped up our trip to Alfred Angelo, and we went to have lunch.  Our next stop? David's Bridal, which was practically across the street.  Home of the worst customer service, EVER! But we still took pictures!

Yep, I didn't even leave the dressing room with the first dress...I can't even tell you what it was doing to my body...but it wasn't good!!

I tried this one on primarily to see if I liked the two different fabrics - the satin-y skirt with the fluffy netting/lace whatever that fabric is poking out.  Yeah, didn't like it.

Another, hey, maybe this looks better on! And...maybe not!

So that concluded our first day of dress shopping...which we picked up again the next weekend.  My sister couldn't join us, but Ashlee and I headed to the dress shop where she had purchased her wedding dress.  While they had a no pictures rule (boo!) we did snap a few top-secret, bad angle photos. 

When a dress has this much ruffley goodness going on, how can you NOT sneak a picture?

I apologize for the lack of a FULL body picture, but this dress was a SERIOUS contender.  It was plainer on the bottom from what I remember...and if I could remember the designer, I would tell you who it is and post a full picture.  But clearly, I'm a fan of the beading!!

Which leaves us with - the dress I picked!! Yay!! No pictures of me in it (the ones we sneaked really don't do it justice), so you get the models instead.

I picked Casablanca #1990 (smooth satin, as it also comes in a brocade).

The back of the dress in the brocade, which REALLY takes away from the gorgeous beading around the hemline!

So did I get everything I wanted in my dress? 
  • A-Line: CHECK!
  • Bigger, ballgown feel but still manageable? CHECK!
  • Beading: CHECK!
  • And even some figure flattering ruching: CHECK!
Yep, I do believe I have bought my dream dress! I can't wait for it to come in and to start doing fittings!! YAY!! Have you found your dress yet? Did you have as much fun as I did dress shopping?


  1. The first place I went to was David's Bridal and it was the absolute worst experience of my life! The consultant we were working with was just so rude and didn't seem to give a crap about what I was even asking for. Not only that but a lot of the dresses that I had seen online and wanted to try on, they didn't have in a sample size that would "fit" me. The lady would only let me try on my size and my size only. Hello, have you never heard of clips? Any who, your dress is gorgeous and I can't wait to see it on you. I go in for my first fitting tonight and I am way excited. Hope your dress comes in early so that you can stare at it as much as you want, haha!

  2. Love your dress! It looks gorgeous. And let me tell you, you don't look nearly as awful in any of those other "rejects" as you seem to think you do. In fact, I thought you looked pretty in all of them. But I think you definitely made the right choice. It's a stunning dress and will be perfect on you. Thanks for sharing all the pics!

  3. Your dress is amazingly GORGEOUS. I love the train in the back. You will look so stunning in that dress..a perfect choice!

  4. Your dress is beautiful! I love the detail at the bottom.

  5. Very pretty... finding the right dress is very exciting.