Saturday, November 12, 2011

For the love of shoes

Remember when I said I was re-thinking my wedding shoes? Yes, I know, every time I post about shoes I start to re-think my choice...but here's the REASON why:
Presenting...Jimmy Choo's Isabel pump in Anthracite!
Better picture available here

love the shape of the shoe (what's that called, the toebox?), the heel looks just right...and the COLOR!! It's fantastic.  I'm not sure I've ever seen a shoe that compares to the shade of purple shown here.  However, you know what's not so lovely? The price! I've been trying to remember, but I really think the most I've ever spent on shoes has to be $150, tops, and those would have been leather boots.  And those boots lasted me for years.  
Now, I have no doubt that Jimmy Choo shoes are high quality - for $495, they better be! But I just cannot justify that expense for SHOES for my wedding day.  Though I'm sure I could find reasons to wear them again, but 494 reasons? I'm thinking not.
Sadly.  But also sad/happy, the closest Nordstroms to me is a bit of a drive (I don't just "happen" to be in that neighborhood, it has to be a conscious decision to go there) so at least I haven't gone and tried them on and thought, if only! Maybe they would look awful on my feet.  I'm probably better off not knowing, huh?
Are there any wedding accessories or services that you are wishing you could have? Better yet, if you had an unlimited budget, what would be your number one splurge? Mine would probably be videography!

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  1. Now those are some cute shoes. And yes that is a high expense for shoes that will be covered by your dress..go for something cute and comfy!