Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Invites are in!

I got an exciting phone call from the Paper Source the other day - our invites were in! Woo hoo! So a few days later when we had time, the Groom and I drove over to the store to pick them up.  Even though I knew we only ordered 75 invites, for some reason I was expecting to pick up boxes and boxes of invites and envelopes! So I should not have been surprised when we were instead handed a bag, containing our four boxes!

Ooh! That white envelope contained our proof, which we checked over at the store. 

And the boxes.

So...the grand unveiling of the invitations won't be until we've sent them out in February, but know that we are thrilled with the way they turned out! And that made us start joking that because we've printed up invitations, there's no backing out now! Because nothing makes a wedding official like invitations!

But as I mentioned, we did all of the wording on our invites on the fly, in the store.  We actually liked everything as it turned out, but of course, now I've been re-thinking our insert card! One of the drawbacks of the long engagement - you have time to think, re-think, and change your mind on just about every detail! Anyway, so our insert card right now says:

"Join us for dinner and dancing following the ceremony," 
then the hotel name and address, and then 
"for information on accommodations, please visit our website at [website]."

Now, we spent a lot of time putting information on the website about us, about Boston, about the ceremony location, and the reception location.  We also included links about touristy things to do in Boston, and our registries.  But now I'm worried that people won't necessarily check the website because it only talks about accommodations!

Here are some questions for you - when do you typically check a wedding website? After receiving a Save the Date? Not until you receive the wedding invite? What information are you looking for when you check a couple's website? Do you think my insert card is OK as is?


  1. I am not having a wedding website...but your insert card sounds okay too me. People check out the wedding websites all the time now I am just not making one because I am afraid of stranger and creepers..haha

  2. First..yay on getting the invites..mine should be here any day and I am anxiously awaiting the UPS man to deliver those little puppies to our door.

    Second, great questions, I generally check the website when I receive the save the date, but only because I am nosy and want all the details and to see what the couple has done, pictures, etc. etc.! :)