Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Check-in

Can you believe November is the six-month mark until our wedding?! I sure can't! I am so excited to finally hit this milestone, as lots of fun stuff will start happening in the next few months! Capped off, of course, by getting married! Woo hoo!

I found some lovely leaves while raking the other day!

With a new month, I figured it was time to check out what was on our plate for November.  Besides hosting our families for turkey at the end of the month, that is!! That could be a whole other blog post, however.  Anyway! This month, we plan to:
  • Finish up planning and booking our honeymoon.  Yep, we’re carrying this over from October – but with a full six months to plan and get our details in order, I’m not worried! Once we figure out the details, I will treat you all to a honeymoon post!
  • Checking on our registries! Crate and Barrel especially, as they like to rotate stock in and out with the seasons.  And Macy's made our registry non-public for a while which was also annoying!
  •  We’ll be picking up our invitations this month, so yay us for being ahead of the ball!
  • And for me, my primary focus this month and next is getting back into working out.  I haven’t been consistent about it, and it’s been showing because I have been at the same weight since essentially May.  Time to get going! Ideally, I’d like to lose another 20-30 pounds before the wedding.
And…just over ten more posts until I hit post number 100!!! Woo hoo!! For just over six months of blogging, that is not too shabby!!

The Groom agrees! Good thing he doesn't read the blog! J


  1. Congrats on the 100 mark!! And for almost being to 6 months away..its so exciting!!! You seem like you have a great handle on all of your upcoming tasks :)

  2. hahah I also hide my blog from the Mr. and actually from anyone I really know. You have gotten so much done...great job!