Monday, December 12, 2011


we've finally booked our honeymoon flights! Yay! We are so excited!! We'll be spending 10 days  abroad, visiting:




I absolutely cannot WAIT for this trip.  I'm even more excited for the wedding now, if that's even possible! While I've been to Paris before, I've never been to Rome - and the Groom has not been to either city! So we'll have lots to explore - though we'll still make time to relax!! Woo hoo!!!  

Have you been to Paris or Rome? Any suggestions on hotels, restaurants, or things to see? 


  1. YEAH!!!! Selfishly, happy that I will get to see you both too!!! XO

  2. YAY Congrats!! That is an awesome feeling!! I went to Rome a few years ago and loved will too!! I think I ate more pizza than I ever knew possible! Its sooooo good!

  3. gasp!! what an amazing honeymoon!!! We honeymooned in Italy and spent 3 days in Rome so I def. have some recommendations! I'd have to pull some things together for me and I"ll remember to give you some suggestions!!