Monday, December 19, 2011

Bond. James Bond.

So while the Groom may not have really started looking at what he'll be wearing on the big day, I've been all over the internet, figuring out which tux looks I think will work for him.  Of course, he'll get final say (as long as it doesn't look like this!):

As I often have to wear suits for work (and the Groom does not), I like to think I can draw upon a bit of my "suit" expertise for him.  For example, I cannot STAND the look of double-breasted jackets:

Product Close Up
Maybe because I hate this kind of jacket on women, I also can't stand this look on men.

Kate continued to hitch up her dress so as not to let it scrape on the ground
Even on you, Wills! Maybe because it seems to be an older man's look?

Now with Becks below, we might be getting somewhere...

Me and my boys: David Beckham attended with his eldest sons Brooklyn, 12, and Romeo, nine
David Beckham certainly knows how to wear a tux!

I like all three of these looks:

Product Close Up

Product Close Up

Product Close Up

And I think our main goal will be to avoid super shiny lapels! Once I get the Groom to sit down and look online at what Men's Wearhouse has to offer, our next stop will be an actual store to open up an account and put down a deposit - and to start getting our fathers and groomsmen to pay a visit to their respective locations!

But no post on tuxes is complete without...

Shaken, not stirred.  (You're welcome, Linda!)

What did your groom wear for your wedding? Was he not the least bit excited to sit down and look at tuxes online? 

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  1. This is funny because we are just now getting our last few people to go in and get fitted for their tuxes. It only took them all three or four months, haha! The whole process of picking out the tuxes was interesting for us because we have pink as one of our colors in our wedding and my fiance was absolutely against wearing pink, but I won out in the end, haha! Our guys are all in Brown tuxes with a pink tie and for the most part they have either a brown vest or an ivory vest. It looks really great and I can't wait to see all of them dressed up. I hope you guys can decide on something together! Can't wait to hear what it is that you pick out!