Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Check-In

Can you believe there are only five months to go until our big day? And it's also December, which is one of my favorite parts of the year - I love the holidays! 

Our little fake tree which sits in one of our front windows - 
you have to love my DIY tree skirt, done with extra garland!

Checking in with Scary Spreadsheet, we'll be up to the following tasks this month:
  • Finalizing our honeymoon! I swear, there is a post coming on this soon.  The Groom has been swamped with work since Halloween, so we're still behind on booking our airfare and researching hotels.  Details to come!
  • We'll be visiting some jewelers this month to pick out and order our wedding bands.  We'll likely start with the jeweler where the Groom bought my engagement ring.
  • Checking out tuxes for the Groom.  This will likely mean a trip to Men's Warehouse and Tux, which will likely not be the most exciting trip (from what I've read, they don't stock the actual tuxes so the men can't try them on.  We'll likely pick out what we want online!)
  • Booking transportation for the wedding day! This will likely mean a limo for me and the bridesmaids, and a separate car or limo to take the Groom and his guys from our house to the church.  The bridal party will then travel together from the church (post-pictures) to the reception.
More holiday merriment:

Thank you Pier One for convincing me I needed Sparkly Penguin!

In other news, we met with our new coordinator at the hotel where our reception will take place (from what I understand, it's quite rare if your coordinator doesn't change in the time from booking your venue to your actual date!).  She was a little flaky at first (and seems VERY young!), but then she seemed to be better by the end of our conversation, so I think everything will be fine.  We also scheduled our tasting for January, and we are SUPER EXCITED!!

What wedding planning are you up to this month?

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