Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and welcome to 2012! This is the year that I'll be getting married and I am so excited!! With the end of 2011, I figured a recap of the blog was in order - so enjoy!

The blog had: 
4,740 pageviews
113 posts

The most viewed posts:
1. Bridesmaid Dress Shopping is Imminent! with 126 pageviews
2. Don't It Yourself with 64 pageviews
3. Merry Christmas! with 60 pageviews
4. My 50th Post with 59 pageviews
5. Shoes yet again with 52 pageviews

And, my favorite posts:
1. Live blogging the Royal Wedding (because it was so fun to do!)
2. Showing off my wedding dress (and the dresses I definitely said NO to!)
3. Don't It Yourself (much more fun to write about after the fact, than it was to do!)

And the top search keywords that brought people to the blog:
1. Karen and Gene
2. tissue pomanders
3. tissue paper puffs
4. saloon dresses
5. dark purple bridesmaid dresses for kids

Good to know that I can be considered an Internet authority on tissue poms (and how not to do them - hopefully people found Martha Stewart after seeing my failed efforts), and saloon girl dresses.  Also, bridesmaid dresses for kids?? Huh? You just have to love the Internet sometimes!

And to close, I took this "screenshot" the other day with my camera phone because I couldn't stop laughing:

Now, I know I've covered a LOT of topics on this blog, but I'm pretty sure I did not cover how to throw a cat wedding!! Ha, this is probably a sign that I should!!!

Happy New Year! Best wishes for a fantastic 2012 for you all!!


  1. Hahahah that is funny I also like the "serious dress" keywords...Since I keep my blog a secret from my real friends I disabled all google searches...:-)

    I hope you have a wonderful New Years!

  2. Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2012!