Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Favorite Things!

Since we just spent most of our weekend getting ready for Christmas (hanging lights, getting our tree, bedecking anything not moving in the house with holiday spirit), I figured it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite web-related things!

Speaking of favorite things...best holiday movie ever!

Before I finally got my invite to join Pinterest, I had to satisfy myself with Lover.ly.  While I'm still getting the hang of Pinterest, Lover.ly is a bit similar but dedicated solely to images of weddings and wedding-related stuff.  Needless to say I can spend HOURS on Lover.ly, which is pretty great when work is slow! I believe both sites are still invite-only, but I can almost guarantee you'll get your invite info back from Lover.ly faster than Pinterest.

If you're looking for bridal bargains, I can't recommend signing up for these sites enough!
  • Rue La La: lots of great brands at decent sale prices, you should keep an eye out for the bridal boutiques which seem to happen 3-4 times a year.  You receive an email once a week advertising what brands are coming up that week, so you'll know whether it's worth your while to log in or not bother.  I got my beaded veil at a great discount from one of Rue La La's bridal boutiques.
  • Dress Rush: similar to Rue La La, but focused solely on brides and bridesmaids.  I've seen a variety of things on this site, from dresses to jewelry to accessories like garters and clutches.  It's always fun to look and see what's out there!
  • The Aisle New York: also similar to Dress Rush, but more like Rue La La in that you'll find higher end brands on sale.  I seem to prefer the offerings on Dress Rush to The Aisle, but again, I always love to look! 
And if you have yet to search wedding on Etsy, you are missing out! (And you probably have those two hours back in your life...I can literally spend HOURS on there!)

What are your favorite wedding-related websites? Any bridal bargain sites I should include in my list above?

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  1. Oh yes our invitations were custom ordered off etsy and I got some adorable signage off etsy too, I can't wait to receive both of them, should be ANY day now!! :)