Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Working It Out Wednesday!

Hello and welcome to Wednesday! I am especially happy as this means I only have a few more workdays until a well-deserved week off! Yay!

How did I do this week? I walked a few days, hit the gym this weekend, and then ate my weight in holiday cookies in my first ever Cookie Swap! And then I completed that with a total fail on meeting my workout goals of getting up early for the gym.  I suppose there's always tomorrow? But waking up almost 2 hours before sunrise is just not natural! The Groom has promised to join me in January with early morning workouts, so that will help a lot.

Not a photo of the actual cookie swap, sadly, as I was too lazy to find my camera.

Weight loss: 0.  I also didn't gain, so I'm counting that as a win!

Outlook: Still good, even though I failed to meet my working out goals.  I think I've been ready for the holidays to wreck havoc with my weight loss plans, though, so I think that's why I'm still in good spirits! 

What motivates you to work out in the winter? 


  1. Oy I have been sooo bad with my workouts. I used to be so good but since the wedding I can't get motivated (I'm married now right?!) nooo I really can't be like that. I'm giving myself the rest of the year and then starting Jan. I'll be back on track!

  2. It is really hard to get motivated to work out- even more so during the holidays and when it's dark. But I being mindful of how much your eating in the next week or so will be helpful.
    I agree- no gain = a win