Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dressing the Groom

Here it is, only January 10th, and we are checking things off of Scary Spreadsheet left and right! Yay us (apparently the turning of the calendar into the actual year we'd be married gave us the kick in the pants we needed!)

This weekend we had a chance to go to Men's Wearhouse and pick out what the Groom and his guys would be wearing on the big day.  Considering I've known what I would be wearing since last June, and what my girls would be wearing since August, it's kind of funny to me that we've FINALLY picked out the Groom's outfit.  He gets to wait until it's so close to the wedding!

Anyway, we met with a lovely consultant whose name I promptly forgot, but who was very patient with us as the Groom debated his options.  (Note to Men's Wearhouse: while we have  zero complaints about the service, maybe starting the guys off by looking at the tux, rather than having them pick their vest/tie color, would be easier? The Groom was like, what am I looking at? I need to see the whole thing before I can pick colors!)

He ended up selecting: 

Product Close Up

With a platinum vest like this, but with an ivory tie to mix it up a little:

The three groomsmen will have the same tux and platinum vest, but with a plum tie to accent the bridesmaid dresses.  Our fathers will then be wearing the same tux, but with a black tie and a black vest.  They will be one sharp-dressed group!

Oh, and you can't forget the pocket square! (funny enough, not one of the pictures on the Men's Wearhouse site includes a pocket square!) Anyway, the Groom agreed with the consultant that it will be a nice pop of color in the pictures (and I figure if I hate it, the pocket squares will mysteriously be left at the rental shop!)

Check out my very fancy pocket square!

What will your Groom be wearing on your big day? What's your opinion on pocket squares?


  1. Glad to hear you had a good experience! We are planning to go to Men's Wearhouse soon for tuxes as well.

  2. Your guys will look very snazzy! Oh I love a guy in a nice suit/tux!!

  3. OMG! We did almost the same combo. He did the matching tie. MW wasn't so bad. I kind of let him handle those details with some gentle pushing of course.