Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Going Postal

As we are just about READY to send out our invites, I headed to our local post office last weekend to pick up some stamps! I knew the postal rates had just gone up, and so I was hoping that my post office would have planned ahead and had lots of 65 cent wedding cake stamps ready to go!

Alas, it was not meant to be...though I had the most helpful clerk, who checked several counters along with asking his supervisor, there were no 65 cent wedding cake stamps to be had.  "Any chance you have a theme to your wedding? Say...butterflies?" asked the helpful clerk, pulling out 65 cent butterfly stamps with a flourish:

Um, NO...because let's be honest, butterflies are just bugs with pretty wings.  I am not any more of a fan of butterflies than I am of other bugs, though I probably won't run screaming from butterflies like I will from bees and other large bugs! (On a sidenote: the Groom and I spent a few days in Washington, DC this past summer, and at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, they had a butterfly exhibit where you could walk among the butterflies.  I wanted to leave the minute one landed on me as I was incredibly skeeved out! But needless to say, it was quite entertaining for the Groom!!)

I was also offered the 64 cent wedding cake stamps, and told that I could then add a 1 cent stamp, like this one:

Again, EWW! Who knew I was such a stamp snob?! (Oh wait...we kinda knew that already!)

Anyway, so despite the helpfulness of the local post office, I promptly came home and ordered myself a bunch of 65 cent wedding cake stamps online, which will be here in a few days! Yay, problem solved.  And it was good to confirm in person that my invites cost 65 cents each! (Except for the lone Canadian invite, which I think was $1.17...sorry Canadian friends, you got a weird combo of flowers and the old wedding cake stamp!)

And enjoy the totally weird placement of stamps courtesy of the helpful clerk!!

Did you have the bad luck to wait for a postage increase right at the same time you were trying to get your wedding stamps? Were you less than impressed with your stamp options?


  1. We had issues with getting wedding-ish postcard stamps so we went ahead with normal letter stamps. We had a decent selection at our post office though!

  2. I got two different price quotes how the size stamp I needed to buy which was annoying, but at least i went with the right one!

  3. HAHA Glad you were able to find them online! I used the wedding cake and sent ours out a few days earlier to avoid this problem. I was happy the clerk told me to send them out a few days earlier than I had originally anticipated!!