Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Invites...Time for Assembly!

While I'm going to hold off on showing you all my invites until I actually send them out at the end of next week, here's what I've been hard at work on all month! First up is addressing the envelopes, but I can't really show you that as I'm not convinced any of my relatives or friends want their name or address broadcast on the internet.  Soooo...

Stamping our return address on the back of the invite envelope!

Numbering the RSVP cards with invisible ink, to correspond to our guest list.  
This way, if any cards come back blank, we'll still know who tried to RSVP!

Putting the stamps on our RSVP card envelopes.  I bought these a while ago 
as I liked the nod to New England with the sailboats.

I have to admit the invitation process from start to finish took longer than I thought it would.  From addressing the outer envelopes and the inner envelopes, stamping our return address, putting stamps on the RSVP envelopes, and then stuffing the invites, RSVP cards and envelopes, and enclosure card - it was more work than expected.  I'm glad I started the process early!! I can't imagine doing all this and being stressed about getting the invites out on time.  I also have a LOT more respect for couples who choose to do all their invitation design and printing themselves! 

I also finished up another project that I started almost a year ago - the card box!

The card for the card box

The finished product! (Don't worry, I'll smooth out that weird top crease!)

I'll admit at times over the past 8-10 months, I worried about whether I'd still like this card box by the time the wedding rolled around.  I figured worst case scenario, I'd find a bird cage and call it done if I did not want to use the card box.  However, I'm happy to report I still love the card box and can't wait to use it! Yay!


  1. The card box is impressive! You could definitely start an Etsy shop selling these. Invitations and programs = way more time consuming than you'd expect.

  2. You are so not making me look forward to the wedding invitation process!

    1. It's NOT fun! But a glass of wine helped a lot. If you need a hand with them (or addressing them if you like what I did for mine) my offer stands to do yours! :)