Friday, January 6, 2012

January Check-In!

Welcome to January 2012! I still can't believe 2011 is over - and you know I'm still writing '11 on things at work! It really doesn't seem like January as we've had no snow since Halloween, nor has it stayed REALLY cold for more than a day or two.  I hope this doesn't mean that May is a cold or soggy month!

What are we up to this month? Checking in on Scary Spreadsheet finds us carrying over these tasks from December:

  • Seriously, for once and all, finalizing the honeymoon.  We know where we want to stay in Paris, but I'm still researching Rome.  I also need to book us a cheap flight from Paris to Rome.  I'm also trying to pin down what we want to do and see while in each city!
  • Designing and ordering the groom's wedding band.  He wants to use two rings that he had from his dad, and we'll be taking those into the jeweler's where we bought my wedding ring from in the next week or two.  (Yay, we bought my wedding ring! Post to come!).
  • TUXES.  I've narrowed down the look I like for the Groom, but he has yet to look at what I like (or look at anything, really).  We really need to figure this out and get ourselves to Men's Wearhouse, STAT!
  • Transportation.  This has been assigned to the Groom, though I don't think anything has been finalized.  Perhaps a reminder is in order!
And the new tasks for January:
  • Schedule food tasting at the reception venue.  YUM! I can't wait to try out the food.
  • Schedule cake tasting.  DOUBLE YUM! Cake is awesome, and we're doing this the same week as our food tasting.  We'll also pick out the design.  
  • Speak with our officiant, determine ceremony details.
  • Decide on our wedding favors.
  • Start thinking about the rehearsal dinner - locations, etc.
  • Write out addresses for invitations (working those calligraphy skills!), assemble invites, and have them ready to go by February 1.
  • Check on the registries.
And things already done - I've scheduled a hair and makeup trial at a hair salon right near our hotel, along with tentatively booking both myself and the bridesmaids in for hair and makeup on the wedding day.  Their prices are great and I'm really excited to go for my trial!

Funny enough, Scary Spreadsheet is quite scary looking, but this post makes it seem much more manageable!

What wedding planning are you up to this month?

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  1. I love how you call it scary spreadsheet! LOL I Have many scary spreadsheets, I think I will burn them all once the wedding is over!