Sunday, January 8, 2012

May I ask a FAVOR?

A big topic of discussion around our house lately has centered around the favors for the wedding. Not only because I’d like to lock down our cost on favors, but also because I’d rather order and get them squared away sooner rather than later! You know the Groom has a way with words when we were seriously talking about having Legos as favors. And then all of a sudden, I came to my senses:
Me: "What? Wait a second, are we seriously talking about having Lego men as favors?" Groom: Laughing really hard. Me: "No! NO. No, we are not having Legos as favors." Groom: Continues to laugh.

This then led to a lengthy discussion on how there will not be lightsabers at the wedding, and how a light saber arch is NOT going to happen after we exit the church. REALLY, this is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. (because I just will not exit the church if it does!) (Yes, the Groom is a BIG fan of Star Wars, in case you hadn't guessed that yet!)

My favorite favors are always the edible ones – I’ve been to weddings where I’ve received a box of truffles, or a small bag of candies, or mints. But some of the more memorable favors included chopsticks, glass coasters where you can insert your own photo, and a small picture frame. And I certainly can’t forget the small teddy bear favors from my friend Melanie’s wedding – I still have my little bear, and I think just about everyone attending took one look at those bears and thought, oh, this is definitely Steve and Melanie’s wedding! I love when a favor really captures the personality of the couple.

Another trend that I’ve noticed at weddings is that in lieu of favors, the couple instead makes a donation to their favorite charity and guests receive a small card letting them know that a donation has been made. I have to admit I’m leaning towards this option – it’s simple and it means we don’t have to bring 120 small, individually packaged favors with us to the wedding. But the Groom is not a big fan, saying that people expect to receive a favor at a wedding. Ultimately, my biggest fear is that we’re going to spend money on favors and then see them left behind at the end of the night. I think that’s why I’m stuck on either chocolate/candy favors or a donation instead – I would hate to put the time and effort in and have no one take them!

What's your favorite type of favor?


  1. I voted for mints or some other type of candy, because we are doing small boxes filled with fruit slices, those were my childhood FAVORITE candy. I do like to take something home but lets face it all those bottle openers or wine corks all sit in a drawer and I can honestly say I have never used a single one! LOL to the lego favor convo!!

  2. We did a candy buffet and our guests loved it. We had so many of our guests come up and tell us how much they enjoyed it. The Star Wars thing is hilarious! My husband is the same way about Star Wars so I am surprised it never came up during our plans, haha!

  3. I love the LEGO idea!!! He he he :)

  4. I'm a fan of something edible. If it's something else I like to see something that's really functional or totally represents the couple. I kind of like the lego idea too.