Monday, January 23, 2012

The Tastings...Part One!

The Groom and I went for our tasting at our venue the other day, and his mom joined us for the fun.  YUM!! We will be eating well at our reception, as will our guests! And I totally failed on taking any pictures whatsoever – though with our coordinator and the chef watching us eat, things already felt a bit awkward!
Anyway, after arriving at the venue, our coordinator took us to a small conference room where three tables were set up with different linens, along with the different options we have on Chiavari chairs.  We selected aubergine (also known as plum, or eggplant) table linens with silver Chiavari chairs, which should look great in our ballroom!  
I think similar to this...but with less pink lighting!
This has also inspired me to make sure our table number/names are set out in silver frames! We also had a very important decision to make before checking out the food…the napkin fold! Who knew that (a) we had a choice and (b) that there were so many options! (tuxedo, fan, in the glass, the laid out fan).  I could seriously write an entire post on the napkins! Haha...but I won't!
I think the one that looks like a paper airplane is my favorite!
So on to the GOOD STUFF!! After tasting four different salads, we chose to go with a "confetti of field greens, tomatoes, potato brittle with a champagne vinaigrette." We were tempted to go with a grilled romaine salad, which was delicious, but I wasn't sure if guests would enjoy using a knife and fork to eat their salad course.  We then tried out two chicken options and a beef option – a saffron chicken, a panko crusted chicken, and a filet mignon.  The filet mignon was DELICIOUS! It came with a mushroom and pancetta sauce that you really need to taste to believe.  We ended up selecting the panko crusted chicken as our chicken option (and I think you guessed that the filet mignon also made the cut!).  For our vegetarian friends, we’ll offer a vegetable risotto that should be pretty tasty.
Our tasting was really fun – other than the awkward part of the chef watching us eat, along with our coordinator – and we were also served wine and dessert along with the tasting! While we won’t be offering any dessert options other than the wedding cake, we sampled a bunch of mini pies that were amazing (there was a blueberry pie that tasted like blueberry muffin! YUM! That one did not get shared much beyond my fork…)
We also had the chance to revisit our ballroom and show the room to the Groom’s mom – it’s even better than I remember! It’s so exciting to think about how our day is totally coming together!!
Coming up next…the CAKE TASTING!!!

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  1. Wow it is going to look soooo elegant!! I was surprised when they served us wine at our tasting...Cake tasting was so much fun!!