Friday, January 27, 2012

The Tastings...Part Two!

In the same week that we had our food tasting, we also did our cake tasting.  Our cake comes as part of our reception package, and we had our choice of two bakeries.  While we could have done tastings at both bakeries, I knew I wanted my sister to come visit and participate and I REALLY didn't want to have cake twice on the same day, or even on the same weekend! So off we went to the better-known bakery, and to meet up with the Groom's Mom as well.

We arrived at Konditor Meister on the snowiest day we've had so far this winter, so traffic was ridiculous (and this coming after visiting my bridal salon earlier that day - a super fun drive on highways that had barely been plowed or salted!).  We finally made it, though, and entered the cake tasting room - a whole bunch of tables surrounded by demo cakes - each one of them REAL! (I really should have taken a picture of that room!) The Groom's Mom beat us there and got us a great table, and we were quickly greeted by a KM employee, who told us a bit about how the tasting works.  We also started looking through a binder representing the different kinds of cakes included in our reception package.

Now, going into the cake tasting I was gung ho on chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.  My experience with wedding cakes and fruit layers is primarily the fruit gel kind of filling - or less fruit, more weird fruit filling instead of fresh fruit.  Something like this:

So when we were presented with eight slices of cake, I went straight for the chocolate varieties! We had a chocolate cake with an Oreo mousse, a chocolate cake with chocolate mocha mousse, gold cake with a white chocolate and Gran Marnier mousse with fresh strawberries, a marble cake with chocolate and Kahlua mousse, a red velvet cake with white chocolate mousse, gold cake that tasted just like tiramasu, a gold cake with rum flavored mousse, a lemon cake and a carrot cake.  WHEW!

The aftermath! (Yep, should have taken a picture before we started!)

Imagine my surprise when my number one favorite cake turns out to be the strawberry Gran Marnier variety!! Who knew? I didn't really care for either of the chocolate varieties - the chocolate cake seemed a bit dry in comparison to the gold cakes.  And as you can see, no one was really a fan of that lemon cake! 

Now that we knew what our favorite flavors were, it was time to decide on a cake design! I did make the Groom look through some of the cakes I'd pinned on Pinterest to see if we could come to any sort of agreement on what we liked.  Of course, he wasn't as big a fan of the white cake look that I favored! After flipping through the book a few times and discussing various designs (ribbon or no ribbon? scroll work? dots? flowers? cascading or not?) we finally settled on this cake!


As we're expecting 120 guests, we didn't make the cut for the 4 tier cake, so we'll have the 3 tier version.  Also, while we'll keep the ivory frosting background with the detail work done in white so it pops, our flowers will be light pink and light purple, with white leaves.

Though when I was back on their website, I saw dark purple and light purple flowers, so I might be changing our order a little bit:


And they did keep telling us we can come back any time and taste again and change our order! Haha, and when they sent us out the door with this:

I will definitely have to go back! YUM! What's your favorite kind of wedding cake? Did you enjoy your tasting as much as I did? 


  1. Bret and I are definitely heading there for one of our cake tastings too!

  2. OOO wow that is a lot of yummy cake!!! Your cake is going to be amazing and beautiful. We had a blast at ours too but we decided to not do a cake and do a special desert surprise for our wedding guests, I hope it works out as well as we hope it does..its a little untraditional.

  3. I knew right away I wanted a strawberry filling cake...strawberry shortcakes are my favorite...Glad you had fun....I really like the purple flowers! That would add a nice touch to your cake!

  4. yummmy!! so cool they sent you home with a ton of stuff too...i love the picture of the cake you picked!