Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Working it Out Wednesday

It's the first Wednesday of the New Year and you know what that means...time to see how things have been going over the past two weeks.

With Christmas and New Year's and traveling, I did gain a few pounds.  There was a lot of eating out that involved fried foods, and I drank a lot more beer in a week in New York than I had the rest of the month! So while I definitely enjoyed myself, I pretty much have my work cut out for me this month.

Yep, I'll be taking a break from you!

GOALS: Exercise, exercise, and more exercise! The wedding is officially 4 months away and if I want to tone up and lose some pounds before the big day, that has got to start happening now.  I really can't put it off any longer as I've realized that it's not going to get any easier.

I took my pedometer with me to New York City (where we spent 4 days) and we walked a TON.  I can safely say that all that walking probably helped me not gain more than a few pounds! I've also been to the gym a few times since we've been back, and I'll be getting back on schedule this week with hitting the gym before work.

Bonus: the sun is now RISING when I leave the gym, instead of it still being pitch black out! YAY!

Not the actual view from my gym...but some mornings do kind of look like this!

OUTLOOK: OK.  I'm really regretting not getting my butt in shape earlier.  My original plan had been to work really hard last year at losing weight and then just maintaining leading up to the wedding - but apparently I need the pressure of the wedding looming in May to really motivate me! We'll see how this goes!

MY MOTIVATORS: The Groom, obviously (he's agreed to work out with me along with cutting out junk food from our diets), along with:

Kara Goucher's Running for Women: From First Steps to Marathons
This book has sat on my nightstand for WAY too long!

And my pile of Shape magazines that I've been meaning to read.  I subscribed but then never even glanced at them when they arrived!! Time to get cracking!

What are your working out goals for 2012?

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  1. You can def. be fine and great in 4 months! I needed the added pressure of the last 4 months too. My goals is to just WORK OUT now! Seriously, I worked out 5 days a week for 4 years straight and since last April...I've been lucky if I work out one day a week...I'm not proud of this. But so far this week I've worked out every single day! Getting back on track...I refuse to be one of those women who just let's herself go right after she gets married, ya know?

    Good luck, you're going to look amazing on your wedding's great the fiance is right on board with you to help you read your goals!!