Sunday, February 26, 2012

Accessorizing the Bride

Choosing my bridal accessories has been a lot of fun so far! Once I selected my dress, I’ve kept my eye out for accessories that would complement the dress and give me an elegant and polished look.  So that means since August, I’ve been checking sales on Dress Rush and The Aisle, Rue La La, and of course, perusing Etsy regularly! (Yes, it’s been quite the hardship...haha!) Here is what I've decided on so far:

SHOES...remember how I posted endlessly about shoes? (If not, you can check out my many posts here, here, here, here, and here.  Wow, embarrassing!)

I was between these two pairs...sparkly shoes:

And these purple shoes:

After going back and forth on shoes, I finally decided on a splash of color under my dress.  While I tried on the sparkly shoes with my dress, I didn't like them nearly as much as I liked the purple shoes.  However, I think you’ll be seeing sparkly shoes again – they go GREAT with the dress I've found for my bachelorette party! (I gave them a test run during my birthday dinner, and they worked out fantastically.) might recall my lucky find at the Priscilla of Boston closeout sale here in Boston was a sparkly headband by Jennifer Behr.  When I tried on my dress, I also put on my sparkly headband and did not like it at all.  Of course, this was without my bridal look – my hair was very blah, my makeup was blah – overall, it was kind of a blah day! But when I took my sparkly headband to my hair trial – BAM! No contest, the sparkly headband was making it into my bridal look! My hairstylist also loved the elastic band, and found the sparkly headband to be the “best headpiece” she’s ever worked with.  High praise to Jennifer Behr for making my lovely sparkly headband!

Yep, a gratuitous beauty shot!

VEILS...this is one decision I'm still not quite sure on! I have two veils to choose from:

My friend Maggie's veil - one tier, and lovely.  This would also solve my "Something Borrowed" I'm still trying to figure this one out!

And the two-tiered, floral accented veil I found at a steal on Rue La La.  No, I'm not going pro on photographing veils any time soon - these things are tough to photograph!!

Considering my hairstyle and makeup, I’m not so sure that I want a blusher over my face to walk down the aisle – help! And I also think on the two-tier veil, it's going to be a lot of volume on the back of my head if I don't use the blusher part.  What do you all think??

JEWELRY...I’m also still not quite sure which jewelry I will wear with my dress.  Here are the earrings I’m debating:

Yep, photographing myself is not getting any easier!!

Pair #2...

And the more sparkly pair 3.

I'm thinking the earrings might come down to a day of, game time decision by making my bridesmaids help me decide!!!

And then this necklace would go great as my something old, but I’m not sure I want to even wear a necklace!!

So dear readers, this is where I need your help! I would love to know (1) which pair of earrings you like best; and (2) if I should include my necklace.  What do you all think? How did you pick out your bridal jewelry?


  1. My vote is definitely for pair number three! :)

  2. I vote pair number three too!! I am only wearing earrings borrowed from the jeweler from where my engagement ring came from. I think a lot of times a necklace takes away from the dress. I am not wearing a necklace either.