Friday, February 3, 2012

Be Our Guest!

Another item which has popped up on Scary Spreadsheet lately is buying a guestbook.  There are a lot of guestbook options out there these days…gone are the days of the regular book with a  nice cover!
Not that I mind.  I wonder how many married folks ever look at their guestbook after the wedding?
Today, however, you can have guests sign a poster or canvas that you can then hang up in your home:
Or you can have your guests create a tree, or group of balloons using their fingerprints:

Or sign something more functional, like a platter or serving tray:

I also like that you can create a signable photo album – leaving pages for guests to sign, but interspersed with pictures of you and your fiancee.
Or instead of pictures, you can make the guestbook entries kind of like Mad Libs, with all sorts of fun stuff for guests to fill out! 

The options are endless! Right now, I think we're leaning towards something that we can display in our house - perhaps a poster or canvas that we have guests sign.  What’s your favorite type of guestbook? 

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