Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Check-In!

People, we are down to 88 days until the wedding!! I am still super excited and can’t wait.  I do have to say that’s one thing that hasn't changed through the planning process – while my excitement and enthusiasm for planning has faded at times, my excitement for the actual wedding has been at the SUPER HIGH LEVEL this entire time! (As if you weren't already aware!)

Yep...we're excited.

January was a whirlwind of activity: we did our food tastings and selected our dinner menu, ate some cake and picked out our cake design, booked our transportation for the wedding, I booked my accommodations for the night before the wedding, readied our invitations for mailing, and I got to meet my dress and schedule my fittings for March.

February will likely be just as busy – good thing it’s a leap year and we get that extra day! Even though it’s early in the month, we have sealed, stamped and mailed our invitations, and I’ve had my hair and makeup trial! So, so fun.  We also met with our officiant and are starting to plan our ceremony, and we’re making progress on the guestbook!

Who doesn't love checkmarks?!

Our remaining to do’s in February are:
  • Booking our hotels in Paris and Rome, along with planning out what we want to see in each city.  I know we can get tickets in advance for the Vatican, so we definitely want to start planning where we’re going in each city and when!
  • Visiting our jeweler and getting the Groom’s ring designed.
  • The Groom still needs to pick out some gifts for his groomsmen.
  • Finish ordering our favors! (Yep, we decided!)
  • Start working on our must play and do not play lists for our DJ! 
  • And...the REHEARSAL DINNER – we've got to start getting some estimates on prices and figuring out where we’re going to have it!

But overall, I think we’re in really good shape! I’m going to keep on doing as much in advance as I can…I figure the less to do in the last month before the wedding, the better!! How is your planning going? 

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