Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Invitation REVEAL!

We mailed out our invites this past week, and by now just about everyone has received it's time for the big invitation REVEAL!!

You might recall from last fall, that we were debating a LOT of different options on the invitations.  I had ordered a number of samples from Wedding Paper Divas, but we actually ended up going with a real live store - the Paper Source.  (I was able to recycle my samples, though, and pass them on to another bride, so yay!) I got very excited when the invitations arrived, though I knew they would then just have to wait patiently until January rolled around and I could start addressing them.  We then assembled the invites, and had to wait AGAIN for the Post Office to deliver my wedding stamps.  So without further adieu...

Our invites were by William Arthur

I love the envelope liners!

What our guests would see as they pull out the invite...

And the invite itself! (Yes, it killed me to block out the gorgeous writing...sorry!)

The entire suite! In addition to the invitation, we had our RSVP cards and envelopes, and an additional insert that said "Dinner and dancing to follow at [our reception venue and address].  For more information on accommodations, please see [our wedding website]."

I really love the detail on the corners - the design reflects gold and silver, depending on how it catches the light!! I loooove them!

I do apologize for the not so great lighting on these...photographing invitations is a lot tougher than it looks!! But we've had lots of compliments from guests on them, so I know I'm not the only one who thinks they are pretty!!

Whew!! I feel so much better that these have been sent out and that we're already receiving responses!! Yay! Hopefully by April 5 (our deadline) we'll have heard from everyone and we won't have to track anyone down!! (One can always hope, right?)

Have you mailed out your invitations yet? I love getting the RSVPs back, along with little notes from people excited for our big day!!


  1. As the girl who got the recycled samples, thank you! We decided to go with an invitation designer (she designed my blog too) but the samples were helpful nonetheless!