Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working It Out Wednesday

People, I'm seeing success on the scale which is an AWESOME feeling!! I'm finally back down below a certain number that I feel like I've been battling for quite some time - so it's been an excellent week so far.  In addition to the 40 Days of Fitness, I also gave up alcohol for the month of February...and it's been tough!!  But it's paying off, and that is just making me super, SUPER happy!!

Day 22 (Thursday): Rest day.

Day 21 (Friday): Treadmill for 30 minutes (banged out 2.2 miles in 30 minutes, yay!), elliptical for 20 minutes.

Day 20 (Saturday): Rest day.

Day 19 (Sunday): 60 minutes elliptical, ab work, and I did arms from the Tracy Anderson DVD.

Day 18 (Monday): Unintentional rest day - I thought I'd walk at lunch today, but it was so cold and windy, I couldn't stay outside long enough for a walk.  BRR!! Though I did some arms.

Day 17 (Tuesday): 30 minutes on the old treadmill, and another 20 on the bike.

Day 16 (Wednesday): Walked at lunch.

So a few more rest days than I expected, but overall, I'm doing well.  I've had some various aches and pains which have made me take rest days, but I think that's probably the smart thing to do rather than pushing through and actually causing myself injury.  I think I'm going to  continue to push to work out 5-6 days a week until the wedding - just another 80 days!! 

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  1. It was so great seeing you on Friday. I was mentioning to Bret how great you looked so the Workout Wednesdays are definitely paying off!