Monday, March 12, 2012

And you are seated at...the Parthenon!

I am very thankful that we've selected a full-service reception venue where there is very little for us to do in terms of dropping things off and/or bringing things in.  This aspect greatly appealed to me when we were looking at venues, especially as I discovered I'm more of a Don't It Yourself! kind of bride.  (Tissue paper bow ties, anyone?)

When we had our food tasting, we selected our tablecloths, chairs and napkin folds.  (Consider yourself lucky that I haven’t treated you all to an entire post on napkin folds!).  I also got to take a look at the table numbers that our venue had available…and pretty much nixed them on sight.

I've been mulling over table numbers for quite a while, trying to come up with something creative besides just numbers – though of course, using numbers was my fallback in case creativity failed! I've debated places we've visited together, places we've lived, and I even considered street names for a while (does anyone really want to be seated at "South Division Street"??) 

And of course if you Google table numbers, you get all sorts of things like this:

Though I just found this idea the other day, and thought it was too cute - table 1 is the bride and groom at age 1, table 2 is age 2, and so on:


But then I thought, there is NO way those awkward year photos are going to be sitting out at my wedding!! (I'm talking the bad perm, sky high bangs, and braces years!)  At any rate, we were talking to the Groom’s Mom at one point, and she came up with the idea of using landmarks in Rome and Paris for our table numbers – why not start our honeymoon early, so to speak? With that in mind, I got to work!

We bought a whole bunch of cheap picture frames at Ocean State Job Lot (this is like the Big Lots of the East – if you haven’t been, and you need anything random and want it cheap – this is the store for you!), and after my initial $12 investment, I hit up the Internet to find some great photos of Parisian and Roman landmarks.  I then worked with each photo in Microsoft Word to add text listing the name of the landmark – I didn’t want people to not be able to find their table, because they weren’t sure what the Parthenon should look like!

And voila! About 45 minutes later, the table numbers were DONE! Did you do anything different for your table numbers?


  1. You know what is hilarious is that we actually did something similar with the age thing. I was going to do years originally and have a corresponding picture of both of us during that year, but the pictures were too hard to match up. I ended up just doing table 1, table 2 etc. but what we did was put similar pictures of each of us along with it. And I only did the cute baby, toddler years and then our older years. I completely left out the awkward years on purpose, haha! I will have a post about it soon if you want to see how they ended up looking. I love what you did though. They look great! Can't wait to see what they look like on your tables!

  2. Those are super cute..I do love the idea of the pictures at that age, but yea kinda awkward. I did use numbers for our table numbers but did sort of a DIY project, I will blog about them sooon!