Monday, March 19, 2012

A Fun and Fast DIY!

You know, there might be something to the idea of the more you try, the more you succeed! I was cleaning up my office (which has become wedding central), and came across several sheets of paper I'd purchased a while back from the local craft store.  Some of the paper I'd already used for the top of my card box to make the cards sign:

And some of the paper I'd bought to re-create that sign, as it managed to get a bit bent.  I also had some fun textured paper, and then...I had an idea! (The Groom knows to steer clear when I've all of a sudden had an idea...especially ones that involves DIY!) I had seen several door hangers on Etsy and other websites, and thought they were pretty cute.


As I was trying to figure out a use for the textured paper - it hit me! A door hanger! As the most complicated part of this project involved cutting out circles, I figured I was up to the challenge.  Especially since I have a fantastic X-acto knife that made circles super easy! About 10 minutes after I started, I had this:

This was hands down, the easiest DIY I've ever done! I first cut out a "prototype" of regular 8.5x11 inch paper, to make sure the size of the hanger was appropriate for a doorknob.  I then traced that hanger on some of the thicker colored paper, and glued two of those pieces together so I could stick them on the back of the textured paper, and make the hanger itself a bit more reinforced.

I then traced and cut out the same size hanger on the textured paper, and stuck the heavier paper on back of the textured paper.  I hit up Microsoft Word for a flourish graphic, typed in my text - and VOILA! 

I think this will look great hanging on our room door while we get ready, and it's a totally cute touch! (And one that cost me maybe $5...if that!) Love it!

Have you made any quick and easy DIY projects? 

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