Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's Dance!

David Bowie, Let's Dance

Now that we've set the scene...I haven't had any problems picking out the songs for our Must Play List.  Considering the majority of our guests will be our friends, I've been loading our Must Play list with music that everyone can dance to - a mix of new music and old, and of course the classics like Shout! My guess and hope is that the dance floor will be packed all night!! And I did run through our Must Play List with the Groom, and he agreed that since he's more of a rock guy, I'm in a better place to be picking out dance music.

We also found it really easy to agree on our Do Not Play list - neither of us enjoy country music, and the Groom is especially not a fan of line dances - so you'll just have to save up your Hustle and Electric Slide for the next wedding you attend! 


Choosing music for the dinner hour, though, was an experience to say the least! I'm a fan of big band and jazz during the dinner hour - Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Ella Fitzgerald, and so on.  The Groom doesn't like the thought of relegating Frank to just the dinner hour, though, and thought we should play him as dance music - until we played a few songs and realized that Frank would slow down the party! So we mixed in a bunch of Frank with the Police (also great music, but hard to dance to), some Rush for the Groom, and a few other songs that might give our guests pause ("do you hear that song? What is that??") while they enjoy their yummy dinners.  (Yes, guests, you can think of it as a scavenger hunt for your ears!)

We've managed to narrow our first dance song to two options, which is very exciting as we had previously been considering about 10 different songs! But now I'm trying to figure out a song to dance with my dad to, and the Groom needs to figure out what to dance with his mom to! I am not a fan of super cheesy songs or country, so that seems to knock out the majority of popular songs for the father-daughter dance.  And I'm kind of just leaving it up to the Groom to pick the song for his mom!!

But this is where I could use your help!! What song should I dance to with my dad? Any recommendations?

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  1. I danced to fathers and daughters by paul simon, I've heard cinderella by something..chapin? is his last name? My Girl, Brown Eyed Girl, are you looking for old school like sinatra-y which could be fun? or sappy?