Friday, March 9, 2012

March Madness!

Considering today is already March 9th, I have a feeling this month is just going to fly by! And not just because of college basketball (though if you have any strong feelings on filling out your brackets, let me know! I have a very bad losing streak with my brackets, and would love your thoughts on strategy! Besides "um, pick the right teams, of course!!") 

So what did we cross off of Scary Spreadsheet last month, and what's on tap for this month?

Things that are done almost done:
  • Honeymoon hotels: BOOKED! General plan for what we I want to do in each city: DONE!
  • Favors! Well, we have them – there is some assembly required! I might keep the favors a secret until the wedding…but I will tell you that they are edible!
  • We've thought more about the rehearsal dinner, but not yet booked anything…and realizing we’ll need to send out invites, this has really kicked us me into high gear.
  • Must Play/Do Not Play song lists for the DJ: Almost done; I've taken a first cut at making these lists, and we'll see if the Groom agrees with my choices.  We’re tackling that this weekend (along with picking our first dance song!)

Things that we REALLY have to do in March, or I will be a certifiably crazy person:
  • Take care of the Groom’s ring.  Groom = procrastination.  That is all I will say about that!
  • Groomsmen gifts! See item number one.
  • Get the rehearsal dinner booked, and send out invitations.

 Other exciting things coming up in March: 
  • My first dress fitting is at the end of the month! This is definitely motivating me to get to the gym.
  • Figuring out the readings for our ceremony.
  • Start thinking about wedding programs – content and design, and where to get them from! Or do I dare DIY?
  • Schedule a date to apply for our marriage license!
  • Vendor check-in’s – send out emails and remind them that our wedding date is coming up, confirming final balances owed, all the fun little details!

With just 57 days left, I think it's going to be a very busy month!! How is your planning coming along? What are you trying to get done this month? And does every Groom procrastinate like mine does?? 

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