Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Musings

Hi all! I failed to put together any posts over the weekend, so here's a Monday mash-up for you:

1. I've started assembling favors! Look for a post on these after the wedding...I'm keeping them under wraps until then as some of our guests read the blog!

2. I did a test run on printing my own rehearsal dinner invites this weekend and they turned out great! I'll be able to do the invites to the tune of about $20 which makes me really happy.  I'll post on this once I send them out!

3. We're meeting with our organist today to pick out the musical selections for the wedding ceremony - I'm kind of hoping he plays us our options on the actual organ! Fingers crossed!

4. Mad Men is EVERYWHERE, as the latest season premiered over the weekend.  Check out the Mad Men inspired fashions on Brides, and one of the best David Tutera "My Fair Wedding" episodes recently included a Mad Men inspired wedding! I loved the first few seasons of Mad Men but then they did a time skip and I stopped watching.

5. In exciting non-wedding news, I'm changing jobs and wrapping up at my old job this week.  This means that my posting on the blog may be a bit more sporadic, though I'm lucky enough to have a bit of time off in between jobs! Yay! We'll also see how starting a new job about 3 weeks before the wedding goes!!

Stay tuned!

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