Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Bridal Shower!

I cannot say enough about how wonderful my bridesmaids are - they planned an absolutely fantastic shower for me! As you might recall, we went to the Chocolate Brunch at Cafe Fleuri, which takes place every Saturday at the Langham Hotel.  And let me tell you, it was AMAZING!!!

Chocolate Bar

The layout is an all you can eat chocolate bonanza! There was even a DJ, which struck us all as a bit strange at first, but then we finally rolled with it and had a few dance moves as we refilled our plates with chocolate! We had a long table over in our own private corner, and it was perfect! I arrived with my mom and my sister, and got to greeting everyone!

My sister, me, and Ashlee - my bridesmaids extraordinaire!! (Jen, if I knew how to photoshop you in, I totally would!!! Bridesmaid Jen was a big help in planning the shower, but wasn't able to attend as she lives in Ohio.)

My first plate of treats!

My friends Teresa and Maggie

The Kary/ens!

Kate and Nicole!

So after everyone mingled for a bit and enjoyed some chocolate, it was time to open presents! (No games for this crowd...we focused on the important part of eating chocolate!)

A lovely platter from my Mom and Sister

A silk robe that says Bride in rhinestones on the back, from Melanie

Wineglasses and wine, from Nicole

It's either a vase or a REALLY big glass for drinks on those really bad days...from Ashlee

And one of the best surprise gifts...a PINATA!! Thank you Linda!!

And no shower is complete without cotton candy! Right, Melanie?

Needless to say, I had an absolute blast at my shower and am so thankful to the 15 women who turned out to make it such a memorable afternoon!! I can't wait to celebrate with everyone at the wedding!!!


  1. Your shower looks AMAZING!!! OMG so many amazing sweet treats! Ahh it's all so exciting!

    thanks for visiting my new blog :)

  2. Wow what an amazing day!!! OMG and all that chocolate, how were not on chocolate overload..yummy! And you and your sister look soooo much alik!!

  3. Hahahah The pinata is funny! Great shower idea...Chocolate brunch=sounds yummy!

  4. Nice blog..Must be a really good friend.. And yes the bile did rise up in my throat but I thought you would like it. Enjoy it..

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