Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working It Out Wednesday!

I might have deliberately skipped my Working It Out Wednesday post last week...because I have been DRAGGING.  I've been having a REALLY hard time getting myself to the gym, or motivating myself to even take walks at lunch!! I don't know what it is, but I can say that finally this week, I'm feeling more like exercising.  Or maybe fear of the 5k that I'm running in a month has kicked in? Whatever it is - I'll take it!

Funny Animal Gifs - Animal Gifs: Horizontal Treadmill 
Yay exercise!

So this isn't a REAL check-in, as I only went to the gym last Wednesday, and then yesterday.  But I'm still able to run 2 miles comfortably, so maybe I'll be better off for the 5k than I fear? My current goal is to tack on another 1.2 miles so I can finish the 5k in my hoped for 30 minutes.  My personal best on a 5k is 32:23, so actually, I'd just be happy beating that! 

Have you hit any walls with exercise? How do you motivate yourself back to working out?

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  1. i hit a wall for..oh...a year now...sigh. I keep saying when it gets warmer out and lighter out in the morning, I'll go's hoping!