Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Working It Out Wednesday

Ok, so I have to admit my enthusiasm for exercising and working out seems to have gone out the window once I posted last week's update! I went to the gym over the weekend, and have been taking advantage of Boston's summer-like weather by walking during my lunch hours...but overall, I am not doing what I really need to be doing if I'm going to run a 5k in less than 4 weeks!

That, combined with only 45 days until the wedding - it's time to get serious and go back to a 40 Days of Fitness challenge! Woo! I did pretty well with this challenge last time, so I'm back to a daily goal of 30 minutes of exercise.  Walking, jogging, using the elliptical, riding the bike - you name it, as long as I do it for at least 30 minutes a day, I will be meeting my goals! And writing down my results, so I hold myself accountable!!

Are you setting any goals for yourself this month? Have you signed up for any races lately and then thought, oh man, why did I sign up for this?!


  1. Don't feel too badly. I ran for the first time last night since November. This 5K is going to kick my butt!

  2. Ugh! Running a 5k is on my bucket list, but I am being a lazy butt! I have been trying to walk 20 minutes a day...sometimes successfully ;)