Friday, April 6, 2012

April, Come She Will...

Yesterday marked the milestone of just ONE MONTH until our wedding!! I might have had a minor freak-out when I looked at the calendar, and realized that with our various obligations, we really only have TWO weekends left that are free to do wedding things!! EEEEK!!! But no worries, I think we have it under control!

Things we've accomplished (WOO!!!!):

  • The Groom's ring! He used his father's ring, but after they removed a diamond and polished it up, it fit a bit too snug.  We dropped it off for re-sizing and it's already ready - we'll be picking that up in the next week.  
  • Selected our music for the ceremony.
  • Applied for and picked up our marriage license.
  • Booked our rehearsal dinner and sent out the invitations.
  • Groomsmen gifts: ordered! Just waiting for them to arrive.
  • Figured out our readings AND created our ceremony programs.  I just have to print them!
  • Vendor check-ins: cake, photographer, and DJ.
Things we still need to do (and not be a crazy person!):
  • Make our guestbook.  We have the materials, just a matter of scheduling the time!
  • Track down some outstanding RSVPs...we have about 24 people we need to hear from, though most are from out-of-town so we're assuming they are no's.
  • Check in with our florist.
  • Check in with our venue, and place the Groom's order for beer - he was appalled at the standard beer offerings, so he's placing a special order through the venue.
  • Assemble the favors.  I did an experiment with ribbon today that was a total fail, so at least putting them together will be quick!
  • Figure out a seating plan and start making place cards.
  • Create a day-of schedule (and probably 1-2 days before, to make sure we pick up everything that needs to be picked up - tuxes, my dress, etc.)
  • And my least favorite - write out a lot of checks!!
Other than that, with 29 days to go - we're in great shape! I think! Haha, am I forgetting anything???

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