Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Dreaded 10 Day Forecast!

Yes, I just might have a note in my planner for today that says "10 day forecast available!" Yes, I am just that big of a weather nerd - though so is my sister.  We even have a photo from a Hawaii trip during a rare storm with her posing as Jim Cantore.  (Points if you know who Jim is! Haha!!) Anyway, so I go to what do I see?

Doesn't that just figure? A 60% chance of showers! However, considering that last week they were forecasting showers all this weekend...and now the weekend begins in less than 24 hours...

Look at that! A gorgeous weekend is in store.

I feel pretty confident that the forecast will be changing a LOT between now and next Saturday, so I'm not too concerned right now about the chance for rain.  And my lack of faith in New England weather is why I planned for everything to be indoors! But hopefully even if it does rain, we get some breaks so we can take some outdoor photos!

Did you stalk the 10 day weather forecast for your wedding? Did the forecast change drastically for you?

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