Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting the perfect fit!

Ooh, this is what greeted me when I entered my bridal salon this past weekend...

How nice of them to put MY dress on the mannequin!!! 
(and too bad the groom is missing a head!)

So I finally had my first dress fitting this past weekend, and the process was definitely less stressful that expected.  The dress fit a bit looser than I remembered (which is always a good thing!) and after about 35 minutes of various pins, including at the bust, a little off the hem, and a bustle...I was done! I also didn't get overly warm in the dress which was nice, and I found standing in my shoes to be decently comfortable for the half hour!

Hello lovelies!

In preparation for my fitting, I headed to a specialty store to buy some undergarments.  My bridal salon had recommended The Ivory Corset, a small lingerie shop in Andover, and I headed there a few weeks ago to see what they had and try out some options.  I could not have had a better experience - the owner, Laura, is absolutely wonderful and knowledgeable.  She set me up with a few options to try and I left shortly thereafter, with an excellent longline bra and some other items for the honeymoon.  The longline bra worked out perfectly with my wedding dress, and my seamstress will be sewing it right into the dress, so I won't need to worry about anything moving around!!   

I don't go back for my second (and final) fitting until a week before the wedding...which makes me a bit nervous, but everyone at the bridal salon reassured me that the dress would be ready for my wedding, so I guess I will try not to stress about that!

Have you had your dress fitted yet? How did your experience go?


  1. I am definitely going to check the Ivory Corset out when it gets closer to my wedding!

  2. Dress fittings can be easy or hard...I have been going to so many dress fittings...this weekend I can finally bring my dress home. Having a loose dress is way better than having a too small dress! hahaha