Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Month of Crazy


I knew that the last month before the wedding was going to be busy, but combined with my transition to a new job, things are insanely busy! But we’re still getting lots of stuff done, and short of the few errands that we can’t do until the Thursday and Friday before the wedding, I’m almost 100% sure that EVERYTHING ELSE WILL BE DONE.  Amazing, huh?

Look at all those things crossed off of Scary Spreadsheet!

First up – my new job is AWESOME.  I love the people and I love that I’m actually doing work (unlike my old job!).  It’s really something in that you don’t quite realize how awful a workplace can be until you start a new job, and think – wow, this is how things are supposed to be! Such a relief.  I think the Groom would happily tell you that I’m a much more pleasant person to be around at this point! 

Second, we've just about rounded up all of our RSVPs…and it looks like our final number will be around 88 people.  Which is about 30 people fewer than we’d expected – it turns out the vast majority of out-of-towners will not be attending, which is a bummer! However, I’m making lemonade out of these lemons, as our small intimate wedding will be awesome, and we’re able to add some additional enhancements to our reception because our estimated costs have come down so much! Plus, this just means we’ll have to travel a lot in the next few years and see a lot of family!

I've also spoken with all of our vendors – from our ceremony location, to the reception venue, to our photographer, DJ, and florist.  Everyone has been great to work with, and seems determined to deliver what we’re expecting and want for our big day! Also, I decided to not request a mock-up of flowers from the florist – their location can be a pain to get to, and I’d rather do other things after work.  I’ve requested particular colors and flowers, and I think we’re on the same page – especially since I made it clear I HATE LILIES and I think there will be nary a lily in sight! Really, as long as I get the color scheme I want, I think I’ll be happy!!

  Deep purple and raspberry bouquet by @nancyliuchin #wedding #bouquets  gorgeous bouquet
Pinks and purples I think will do the trick!

And we're into the home stretch! I can't WAIT!

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  1. You are so close girl, and 88 people is a great number! Will be intimate and fun and you will be able to talk to everyone on the day of!! Good luck with those last few tasks but you sound pretty on top of it all!!