Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The RSVP Breakdown

With tomorrow being our official RSVP deadline, I figured it was time to post about what we've received back! I'm still looking forward to checking the mail every day, even though I don't expect to find many more RSVP envelopes...

Believe it or not…I’ve managed to shoot myself in the foot with my level of organization. Though I also blame Google Spreadsheets – I’ve kept the guest list there so it’s accessible to me everywhere I go, versus an Excel spreadsheet saved on my home computer.  Because it automatically saves your changes and doesn’t easily give you the option to keep saving different versions, I’ve managed to completely mess up our numbers with the guest list.  (YAY ME!)

I’ve always been so impressed by posts on the Knot and Weddingbee where brides are able to break down their RSVPs by who they invited, what percentage is attending, and all that with graphs and charts.  I probably should have known better, because who am I kidding? I barely passed my statistics class in college!! Why did I think I’d be able to have fun pie charts and give a super cool breakdown of attendees?

HA! I did invite a bunch of nuts, though!

Anyway, the numbers I can tell you that I know FOR SURE:

Number of invitations ordered: 75

Number of invitations sent (majority to two people): 73

Hypothetical number of people “invited” by the number of invitations: 146

Actual breakdown, as best I can tell, with lots of dumb changes and edits to the spreadsheet (and after the fact, realizing I should have saved that as a different version of the spreadsheet):

Number of out-of-towners invited: 59

Number of out-of-towners attending: 24

Number of locals invited: 54

Number of locals attending: 51

Unknown/we'll be tracking you down!: 14

Total number invited: I give up!! Trying to figure out where I said someone could bring a guest and then deleted it after they indicated they weren’t going to bring a guest is driving me batty.  Also, I just realized I didn't include the unknown folks in either category above, so those numbers aren't right either.  Sigh.

MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER SO FAR: 75 confirmed attendees! YAY!

Let’s just say it’s a good thing the Groom isn’t marrying me for my abilities with statistics!! Have you ever been SO organized you're actually a mess?


  1. Haha! I am a numbers person and an accountant so spreadsheets are my thing, so I was way organized with this, but I wasn't smart enough to put the spreadsheet on google docs. Haha! Glad that you don't have a ton of people to track down!

  2. I had a few straglers to track down too..and would you believe the LAST RSVP we received came back nameless! LOL. I still don't know who it was but I had already reached out to everyone and knew who was coming so I only assumed I had already gotten a verbal rsvp from the nameless person!