Sunday, April 29, 2012

Take Your Seats!

You know, I think the majority of my friends who have married within the past few years mentioned that the toughest part of the wedding was the seating chart.  I didn't really believe this though, especially considering that we have under 100 guests.  How hard could it be?

Mr. Bill.  Just for my mom.

HA! HARD! That's the quick answer to that question.  Take your closest friends and family, throw in some work friends, some friends from that other place you worked, and your college friends - and then break them down into groups of 8-10.  Easy, right? WRONG! That one group happens to be 12 people - so do you break them up 6 and 6, and mingle them with other friends? Or do you keep 10 of them together, and then pick two of them to sit elsewhere? That, and how do you keep track of all of this? My original idea was Post-Its, so we could move people around...and then I stumbled upon Social Tables.

Thank goodness I avoided this!

Instead of a Post-It nightmare, our seating chart ended up looking like this:

After the lengthy task of typing in all our guests' names (sadly, you could not simply import names from Google Docs - only from Excel!), it was super easy to drag and drop people at different tables! You could then easily move them around to different seats and change things up however you liked.  There was even a "socialize" option if you had inputted your guests' email addresses - they could then look up who they were sitting with and start emailing! (Yeah, we skipped that option!).  Best of all, Social Tables is FREE!!

I highly recommend Social Tables if you're doing a seating chart.  Actually, Social Tables may be the best free resource I've used in all of my wedding planning!

Did you loathe doing the seating chart for your wedding? Isn't it the worst?!


  1. I'm definitely going to keep this in mind for our wedding!

  2. Wish I had found this! I ended up just using an excel spreadsheet and it was fairly easy for me to work where everyone was sitting so we lucked out! :)

  3. how cool! I wish i found this too!