Friday, April 20, 2012


I think there's something about knowing you only have weeks or days before your wedding, that helps you to get things DONE! While we're still in the process of making our guestbook and wrangling with the seating chart, here are the things that we have accomplished so far this month!

  • Picked up the Groom's ring - it fits perfectly now! Here is a little side-by-side comparison of my ring and his - we knew we wouldn't be going for matching bands, as my ring has a platinum band and he always wanted gold.  And his ring has even more meaning as it was his dad's!

  • Picked up the Groomsmen's gifts! They turned out great!
  • Printed our ceremony programs - they just need some folding, and I have to find a basket for them to sit in at the chapel.  But otherwise, DONE!
  • Tracked down our missing RSVPs.  The benefit of doing this early was we realized our budgeted amount for the reception was REALLY high considering how many people aren't able to we were able to add some fun food items and STILL stay under budget!
No, we didn't add ALL this...but you'll see!!
  • Checked in with our DJ, photographer, florist, and venue.  Whew!
All that we have left to do is finalize the seating chart and create place cards, along with assembling the favors.  Both are scheduled for this weekend - sounds fun, huh? And I wouldn't say doing the seating chart is that's just a matter of taking your various groups of families and friends and squeezing them into 10 seats at various tables! It's annoying! 

Do you have any tips on making seating charts pain-free? Besides a glass of wine?


  1. I had no idea that Joseph Gann was also your jeweler!

  2. the bands look awesome! and I can't wait to see what little add-on's you were able to include!

    I had all sorts of plans with my seating chart that I didn't end up doing. I cut out circles on construction paper and wrote names on them - but eventually I just took to word to figure it out.

  3. I love the bands, they are gorgeous! I ended up just using an excel spreadsheet for our seating chart, but we were lucky because somehow it worked out quite well for us, it wasn't as difficult for us as everyone had said!!! Good luck!