Tuesday, April 24, 2012

With Just Over a Week To Go...

it's getting kind of crazy around here! Or shall I just say, more crazy than usual? We've been coming home just about every night to a giant pile of boxes blocking our front door, and I've been trying to keep up with writing thank you notes.  Hopefully that task isn't too bad post-wedding!!

Thank goodness, this is NOT a picture of our front door!!

Last weekend was jam-packed with wedding stuff...but we're now ahead of schedule! You know what this means? Yes, it's true...I do believe that there will be some kicking back the week of the wedding! No last minute rushing around (that I'm aware of!), no last minute DIYs...it should be a quiet week! Well, until my family gets into town, at least!

But the worst part about being over a week away from the wedding? BRIDE BRAIN!!! It’s a real thing! I have been experiencing what can only be Bride Brain all week…I’ll be at my desk at work, focusing on something, and all of a sudden, a song will pop into my head that I want to add to our Must Play list. Or I’ll be on a phone call, and I’ll start to wonder – did we pay that vendor yet? And when are we going to finalize the seating chart? And then I’ll have to ask the person on the other end of the line to repeat what they just said. It’s kind of embarrassing!!

So it’s either Bride Brain or Attention Deficit Disorder…really, it could probably be either!! With the wedding coming so close, it’s not really a surprise that at any moment, I’ll have a random wedding thought. Needless to say, my planner has become indispensable – as I jot down all the randomness there (thank goodness for a new job where my calendar has yet to fill…something about taking a vacation three weeks after I start might have something to do with that, I suspect…).  For the wedding week I’ve even slapped extra Post-It’s in there, as I didn’t want to run out of space (or just in case I actually do schedule any meetings at work!)

Any tips for dealing with Bride Brain? Or should I just embrace it?? I really feel like I can't focus on anything!!


  1. I think you just gotta embrace it..hopefully you had an understanding boss and coworkers (my were so understanding because I def. had it!) I was forgetting to take care of things and slacking off a lot - as long as you go back to normal when you get back to work, you should be fine :)

  2. One week?! Oh My God!!! You must be over the moon!! Good that you are keeping up on TY cards, I did all mine before that I could and now I am writing the wedding ones and I am soo over it. But glad that I didn't have twice as many to do since I did all the TY cards before the wedding for gifts received before the wedding..so you are definitely saving yourself alot of time and hassle after the wedding!!!