Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Favors!

I should start this post by saying that Blogger's "scheduled post" function hasn't really been working for me lately - so I'll cross my fingers that these posts actually go up when scheduled!

See, I couldn't leave you hanging while we're away on our honeymoon! I know you've been on the edge of your seat to know what we did for our wedding favors! Well, the wait is over! First, we ordered small tins online which came with stickers we could personalize.  We choose our names and date!

The pile of tins awaiting their stickers!

Then, we added personalized M&Ms...again, with our name and date, and champagne glasses to mix things up a bit:

The chocolate assembly line 

 Action shot!

I really liked doing these as favors because they were budget-friendly, and provided guests with an edible favor - I'm all about making sure that people take their favor with them! Or enjoy them while still at the wedding!! Here's hoping the guests enjoyed their chocolate treats, as thanks for coming to our wedding! 


  1. Super cute! Mine would have been already eaten at the wedding, I am a huge candy-aholic!!! Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon!!!!!

  2. I hope you had a perfect wedding day! can't wait to see the recaps!