Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Honeymoon: Paris - Getting There!

It's time to kick off the honeymoon recaps!! Yay!! Since I took over a thousand pictures in 10 days, I figure I'll spend the majority of these recaps by showing you what we were up to in pictures! Haha, and don't worry - I won't post all 1,000 pictures! (Just 998 of them!)

We left for our honeymoon on Monday, May 7th.  Our first stop? Paris, the City of Lights!

Of course we had to admire our new rings on the plane!


British Airways gives you a slice of lemon with your soda! Love it!

While I have no complaints about flying British Airways (they were great!) we did end up losing our entire first day in Paris...we were supposed to get into Paris at 9 am, but unfortunately, a medical emergency diverted us mid-flight (in the middle of the night), back to Canada to get that passenger off of the plane.  While they got that person off the plane pretty quickly (hope they're OK!), we did not end up landing in London until noon (where we were to connect to our Paris flight - and which we missed by over 4 hours!).  After getting rebooked, we didn't make it to Paris until almost 6 pm, so we just headed straight to our hotel.  After dropping off our bags and freshening up, we headed back out to stroll down Avenue de la Grand Armee to check out:

The Arc de Triomphe!

Don't worry, I'll have a lot more photos of the Arch coming!! After a dinner right near the Arch, we came back to our hotel, Le Meridien Etoile, to a TREAT!!! 

YUM! I do love macarons!

While it wasn't ideal to lose our first day, I never sleep well on planes and I'm sure I would have spent our first day stumbling around Paris crabby and bleary-eyed! After we ate the very tasty macarons, we headed off to bed and planned on an early start for a big Wednesday!

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