Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Honeymoon: Paris - the Louvre!

We decided to tackle the Louvre on Friday, figuring it might be a smidge less busy during the week than over the weekend.  Though when you're talking about a museum like the Louvre, I think it's always busy!

I was very excited to find Laughing Cow cheese in France!

We started out in ancient Greece at the Louvre

I could probably do an entire post devoted to lions in art!

I think this was a vase or an was HUGE!

Yep, you're kind of obligated to pose like the statute!

The medieval foundations of the started out as a palace, and grew from there.  It is a HUGE place!

The lighting on this statute was perfect with the way it cast shadows!

I'm a big fan of Egyptian artifacts!

Gene brushing up on his cuneiform/hieroglyphics!

Just in case you forgot the Louvre was a palace...

Just look up, or at the walls...

Or the giant marble fireplaces.

Again, it's a PALACE!

The Winged Victory of Samothrace (2nd century BC).  You knew from the size of the crowds if you were at something especially famous, or in the guidebooks! (We used the Rick Steves guidebook to navigate the Louvre, which worked out pretty well!) 

The Wedding Feast at Cana by Veronese - I could stare at this painting for hours.  It's huge, and there's so much going on!

Da Vinci's Mona Lisa - definitely the most famous painting at the Louvre.

Can you find the Mona Lisa in this crazy crowd? It was always like this near that painting!

Hey, did you forget you were in a palace yet?

The Raft of the Medusa by Gericault.  I remember studying this one in high school - the raw emotion of this painting seems to jump off the canvas!

The Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David - 
probably one of the biggest paintings I've ever seen! 

Again, the colors leap off the canvas! You have to love how Napoleon made sure he was at the center of the painting (and doing the crowning of Josephine, rather than the Pope!)

A door that bites!

I definitely studied this painting in some class at some point!

Gene contemplates the Louvre's pyramid

One of Michaelangelo's sculptures...

And another Michaelangelo.  These were AMAZING.  I would love to know more about how sculptors work in marble, to get results like these! Simply amazing.

Cupid and Psyche - not surprisingly, a lot of sculptures were based on mythology.

Another lion! Raaaaaawr!

Oh no, a bitey lion! (Without a mane.  We're using creative license here)

The Code of Hammurabi - an eye for an eye, and so on.


I really liked the Near Eastern wing - these bulls with human heads and wings were from Mesopotamia, approximately 700 B.C.  These sculptures were guardians and offered protection against enemies.

And they were HUGE!

This took up an entire wall! 

Yay, we survived about 8 hours in the Louvre! (because we're crazy like that!)

The exterior of the pyramid entrance

Yep, the Louvre is a palace.  Got it!

The Paris Opera House.  There is supposedly an underground river that runs underneath the Opera House, that was the original inspiration for the Phantom of the Opera!

Yep, definitely mastering the self-portrait!

 I feel like I earned my wine that day, with all the time at the Louvre!!

I could definitely be French.  How do we improve something? Throw some CHEESE on it! I finally ordered a Parisian hot dog, and it was cheese-tastic!!

After some lovely wine and a cheesy hot dog (and some frites, don't you worry), we headed back to our hotel to rest our achy feet! Nothing like all that museum time to really tire out your feet!!!

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